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Ages 6-12

Power CATS starts in

August 11th @ 5:30 pm

Parents, this will be one of the most beneficial

2.5 hours of your kid’s lives.

Is your child really educated and prepared

to defend themselves?

Children learn assertive behavior skills in a role playing format that helps them retain it for years if not their entire lives.


Increased confidence, proper eye contact, non-violent conflict resolution…you name it, they get it!


This is a powerful course that goes all the way from play ground altercations to full on predator attacks!

This course should be considered as

mandatory safety training for every child.

Bullet Man attack!

In this scenario, participants are instructed not to escape (which would be the best option), so that they can practice their techniques against a full on attack. 

You'll hear the voice of their coach in the video helping the participant to direct their focus, as well as the other kids shouting out encouragement and what techniques to use.

We don't just talk about it.

every participant gets hands on experience

through multiple role playing scenarios.

Bully Proof!

Bullies, low self esteem, no confidence? Power CATS will help your child overcome the social challengs of school.

The first lesson that kids in the Power CATS seminar learn about is Awareness. They learn that they not only need to be aware of their surroundings but also about how they are feeling on the inside and how they are communicating that to others around them.

Power CATS teaches kids how to be assertive! Participants learn about and practice assertive body language, behavior, and verbal skills. This training alone will help them avoid conflict and boost their self esteem and confidence!

Bullies, Power CATS, youth self defense training. Conflict management.

These are LIFE SKILLS!

These skills are applicable in every setting

they will find themselves in throughout their lives.

Learn and apply the "ABC's of self defense!"

Awareness - Boundary - Combat

Coach Carr stresses the importance of learning the "ABC's of self defense".  If it's good enough for Military and Law Enforcement, it's good enough for your kids.

Internal awareness is one of the most important lessons learned in the Power CATS seminar. It helps us to avoid danger and be ready to take action.

Overcome the physiological aspects of

Fear & Adrenaline


The Power CATS seminar slowly escalates the training intensity to help participants experience a fear & adrenal response during training.

Learning to work with these natural responses is the key to success in real life situations where both will be present. Ignoring this in training leads to failure.

Stranger Danger.jpg

Retain the concepts for life!

Because the seminar is hands on and pushes each participant

out of their comfort zone the training is made permanent.

As a parent, you will be more confident that your child

can handle the social and physical challenges around them.



“My son Eric has greatly benefited from his work with Power CATS. This course, in particular, was not only a ton of fun for Eric, but boosted his confidence and awareness skills. I would recommend it to all parents.”


~ Sheri Trevenna | mother



“This class was really fun and I feel like I can handle myself against a bully, and even a dangerous stranger! Thank you POWER CATS!”


~ Julie Mason | 11 year old Power CATS Graduate

Give your kids powerful tools

that will keep them safe from the playground to the street.

Power CATS participants practice how to use an assertive voice and back it up with body language that helps deescalate and avoid potentially dangerous encounters.

We all have a choice on how we present ourselves to everyone around us. We can be passiveaggressive, or in the middle that we call assertive

When it comes down to the

cold hard truth

. . . your child may end up in a fight for their life!

There are no "special moves,"


it's all about

fighting for your life

with everything you got!

Power CATS prepares your kids

to mentally and physically survive the attack!

Space is limited. Sign up today!

Power CATS

2.5 hour self defense seminar

  • Ages 6-12

  • No experience necessary

  • Sibling discounts

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