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More Than Just

"Kicking & Punching"

Between all the social expectations, school demands, peer pressure, and bad influences that face your child every day . . .

  being a kid can be stressful,

  and it's tough on parents too!

Because of the overwhelming challenges kids face, we often see:

Trouble Focusing

Lack of Motivation

Poor Fitness Levels

Low Self-Esteem

Emotional Instability

But There's Hope!

At The ROCK, we provide your child a safe haven for personal development, physical exercise, and building positive friendships.

We identify each student's strengths & weaknesses and challenge them to get out of their comfort zone to develop life skills:

Positive Attitude

Strong Interpersonal Skills

More Self-Discipline

Empowering Confidence

Physical & Mental Toughness



You may have heard the African proverb that says,

"It takes a village to raise a champion."


We encourage positive behavior and good habit development both at home and at school.


 We are honored to be a part of that village in your child's development, growth, and success.

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