Martial Arts

Ages 13+

A Healthy Life Balance

Adult classes focus on you and your mental and physical well being.

Classes provide great workouts, healthy stress relief, realistic self-defense training, and an environment to build positive friendships.

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Encouraging Atmosphere

Starting martial arts is a huge step of COURAGE. Whether it's your first class ever, or you trained years ago, we only become better and stronger with you.

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Engaging Curriculum

Our curriculum's foundation is Taekwondo, but also incorporates techniques and concepts from boxing, Hapkido, Vee-Arnis-Jujitsu, kickboxing, and FAST Defense.


The end result is a curriculum that improves mental focus, flexibility, stamina, balance, strength, confidence, self-discipline, and much more.

Littleton CO Martial Arts, The ROCK Martial Arts & Fitness, Taekwondo Adult Forms, taekwondo class
Littleton CO Martial Arts, The ROCK Martial Arts & Fitness, Adult Self Defense, practical and effective palm strike, taekwondo training



Become more confident and assertive with realistic self-defense training. Students learn simple and easy to remember techniques and concepts that can be applied to hundreds of different scenarios.

Find your BREAKthrough

Martial arts training helps students achieve "the impossible," whether it's a mental or physical challenge.


Breaking concrete is simply a metaphor for life: from time to time life gets tough, and it's through persistence and dedication that we can break through any challenge that faces us.


"This is a wonderful place to learn Tae Kwon Do at any age. My son has been going there for about 6-7 years and has learned so much. Not just fitness, but also a positive attitude and confidence in all aspects of his life. I highly recommend."

~ Jen P.

"Fantastic place for kids and adults. My child started here and soon I joined too. I really enjoy the Tae Kwon Do classes and workouts they keep the workouts interesting and fun."

~ Jim R.

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