Ages 7-12

A Foundation For LIFE

Tigers develop confidence, healthy friendships, and empowering physical skills in every class.

The concepts they learn will stick with them throughout their entire life, helping them excel in everything they do.

Brings out the BEST in kids

Our desire is to bring out the best in our students by focusing on the individual journey of each child.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with ONE PUNCH!

While some students struggle with confidence and finding their voice in a crowd, others may lack physical coordination and strength.


We identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and challenge them to get out of their comfort zone to reach their potential.

Rewarding Achievement

Tigers continually earn new ranks as they work toward their Jr. Black Belt.


With every milestone, new challenges and curriculum are presented that keep them excited and engaged.



Parents and school teachers see drastic improvements in behavior when kids are involved with The ROCK’s Tiger program.

Make Friends & Have Fun!

One of our priorities is to make sure students are having fun!


Whether they enjoy competition, the physical training, or the mental challenge of Taekwondo, they will find others who have similar goals and make lifelong friends.


Tigers learn realistic self defense skills in the form of verbal boundaries, non-violent conflict resolution, proper communication skills, and effective self-defense techniques.


"To me, Tae Kwon Do isn't just a way to stay fit, it is a true way to learn life skills and lessons. I am obviously grateful to have the chance to train with such amazing people and also have a fabulous time in doing it."

~ Bailey W. | 12 year old Tiger student

"Your partnership in the raising of our boys is very important to us because we want them to be men of integrity most of all. We realize that the Rock impresses this through many different values & recognition of goals. Thank you for going the extra mile."

~ Janet R. | Tiger parent

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