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The next RBC starts in

January 4th @ 12:30 pm

GET FIT for life

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Joe - 2019 Grand Prize Winner

10 Week

Health & Fitness


Achieve your next level of

health, strength, and ideal lifestyle. 

What's does your success plan include?

  • $500 grand prize winner

  • RBC Manual​​ (written by coach Darin Carr)

  • Progress assessments

  • Unlimited classes

  • RBC Coach & Team

  • Most importantly, RESULTS!

Rock Body Challenge Winner, Fitness Challenge, fat loss, build muscle

Susan - 2018 Winner

Eating strategies, healthy routines, exercise tips, & more . . .

Rather than forcing and limiting you

to a single diet and exercise plan, the RBC Manual presents a variety of different strategies to accommodate your schedule and current lifestyle.

You decide

whether you're ready to dive in head first

with a complete overhaul of exercise and nutrition


take it slow by introducing just a few changes at a time.

It's about WAY more than just that number on the scale.

Body Fat Percentage

We test your body fat percentage to track exactly how much fat you burn and how much muscle you build. RBC participants have lost up to 30% of their body fat in only 10 weeks, and at the same time, packed on pounds of lean muscle.

Body Circumference

We only take the three primary body circumference measurements to track how your body is changing, but you'll notice it first as your clothes fit differently. Don't be surprised if you have to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Fitness Assessment

We're interested in more than just your body composition! We track how much stronger you become and how your stamina and endurance improve over the 10 weeks.

Terry 2013 - Fat loss + muscle gain

You get full access to every class!


Before & After photo weight and fat loss, muscle gain, rock body challenge, 10 week transformation
Before & After photo weight and fat loss, muscle gain, rock body challenge, 10 week transformation


Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness classes at The ROCK are your go-to option for a great workout. We incorporate a large variety of different training methodologies to continuously challenge your muscles and keep you out of plateaus. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned expert, we'll match your level.

Adult Martial Arts

As an RBC participant, you can take advantage of all the benefits that come from training in martial arts. Classes will not only challenge you physically, but also improve your mental health, balance, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.

WIN $500

Need more incentive?

After the 10 weeks we look at each participant's achievements, before & after photos, fat loss, muscle gain, strength improvements, inches lost, their starting background, and more.

After comparing all the data, a grand prize winner is selected, crowned RBC champion, and awarded $500!

Grand prize winner - health and fitess competition - giant check - $500

Healthy Competition

Red Rocks Team Challenge

RBC Team & Coach

You'll be put in a team with other RBC participants and surrounded with camaraderie, encouragement, and motivation. We encourage teams to share ideas, tasty recipes, and experiences with each other.

Teams also compete in Team Challenges for bragging rights and end of challenge rewards.

The cherry on top is your RBC Team Coach who is there for you throughout the challenge. Team coaches are typically veterans of the RBC and seek to provide you encouragement, support, feedback, and training tips. They are there as your personal success coach.

Results you can see!


Before & After photo weight and fat loss, muscle gain, rock body challenge, 10 week transformation


Create Lasting Change

This is NOT a diet program

Participants are encouraged to develop

permanent and sustainable habits that

support a healthier and happier life.

This is a lifestyle program

Healthy lifestyle