Little Ninjas

Ages 5-6

Helping Raise CHAMPIONS!

The ROCK Martial Arts has been training 5 & 6 year olds since we first opened in 1999.


As a matter of fact, our very first students were a couple of 4 & 5 year old kids!

Learning Life Skills

Little Ninjas benefit from developing

good behavior, improved motor & mental skills,

increased confidence, and teamwork.

More Than Just

"Kicking & Punching"

The Little Ninjas program also includes valuable personal development lessons: stranger dangerwhen to call 911,

fire safety, street safety, and more.

Community Driven

Our Little Ninjas program has been carefully designed by child psychologists, master martial artists, and parents!

Your kids benefit from thousands of hours of experiencecollaboration.

Health &


The Little Ninja program is an extremely rewarding system that parents & kids benefit from in everyday life!

Earn all 8 Skill Stripes

Little Ninjas work toward and earn a different skill stripe each week. Once all 8 stripes are earned, students will advance to the next rank.









Become a Little Champion

Ultimately, Little Ninjas earn the prestigious red white & blue belt known as:




"Mason originally joined the program because he wanted to be a ninja, however, I never imagined all of the wonderful qualities he would have gained by being a part of the program. The Little Ninja program has helped Mason become very respectful and disciplined. He has also gained a lot of self-confidence and is more sure about himself when speaking in front of his teachers and classmates."

~ Bessy W.

"I wanted to let you know about the positive changes we are seeing at home. Wilson's general attitude and confidence level has improved dramatically over the past several months. There are several things we can attribute this to but we know for a fact that your school has played a large part."

~ Charles G.

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