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fitness kickboxing

Ages 13+

Get your ROCK BODY

Fitness Kickboxing has been rated as one of the best calorie burning workouts of all time!

It takes the best parts of an aerobics workout (music, excitement, and energy) and mixes it with the best parts of a martial arts class (self-defense, kicks, and punches).

The end result is a fun, stress relieving, and dynamic workout environment.

Littleton CO Fitness Kickboxing, The ROCK Martial Arts & Fitness, Fitness Kickboxing Girl punching a heavy bag

Functional STRENGTH

In addition to kickboxing, we incorporate resistance training of all forms: calisthenics, resistance bands, kettle bells, and more.

We aim to build functional strength & endurance resulting in a metabolic boost that will last for hours after your workout.

Littleton CO Fitness Kickboxing, The ROCK Martial Arts & Fitness, Man punching a heavy bag with gloves




Let it ALL OUT!

You're encouraged to let out all of your stress and frustration on the heavy bag. It's a great way to start or end a long day work.


It feels great to hit something as hard as you can! (Plus it may save you from punching someone or something else.)

No two workouts are the same!

Classes rotate through different phases every 1-2 weeks maximizing your results.

Littleton CO Fitness Kickboxing, The ROCK Martial Arts & Fitness, Fitness Kickboxer Girl punching a heavy bag with gloves

BUILD | Focuses on increasing muscle mass through high volume resistance training.

BURN | Endurance training to burn tons of calories and increase your aerobic capacity.

HIIT | High Intensity Interval Training improves your heart health and explosive power.

SUPPLE | Emphasizes joint & muscle health, mobility, stability, and flexibility.

STRENGTH | Improves your neuromuscular function and overall physical strength.

HYBRID | Mixes all other phases into one workout that challenges every aspect of fitness.

Littleton CO Fitness Kickboxing, The ROCK Martial Arts & Fitness, Shadow Fitness Kickboxing



I'm just starting to get back into a fitness routine . . . can I handle your class?

Absolutely! We use a structure that allows participants to go at their own speed and level.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever clothing you'd normally workout in. We ask participants to go bare footed or in socks and move into a martial arts shoe if they prefer.

How often should I come to class?

To see and feel the benefits of fitness kickboxing, students should train a minimum of three classes per week. The more the better!

Should I eat before coming to class?

Because of the intensity and duration of the training we recommend that a small, liquid protein and carbohydrate meal be consumed 15-30 minutes before and after training. 

Does your class allow for breaks?

For sure! Because we don’t stick to any sort of tempo-driven program, participants never feel out-of-place when they need to step off the mat for a rest or to get something to drink.

What if I can't do some of the techniques?

Our instructors are always there to help our students stay safe, learn techniques and get a great workout. If at any time a technique does not feel right or is uncomfortable for you then it is very easy for our coaches to help substitute that technique for a better one for you.


"You motivate and kick our butts day in and day out, and we truly appreciate you! You have pushed me past my personal limits and made me see what we are all truly capable of!"

~ Cindy G.

"We LOVE the Rock. We all get so much from our workouts there. I always go away feeling great. The Rock is more than just a business. You are helping people make positive changes in their lives."

~ Brad C.

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