Classes for the whole FAMILY!

The family that KICKS together . . .

STICKS together!

Youth classes emphasize respect, discipline, focus, and teamwork. These attributes then carry over to the home to create a more harmonious relationship with parents & siblings.

Adult classes provide a great outlet for stress, creativity, and new friendships. Teen and adult martial artists enjoy improved life balance, mental clarity, and happiness which diffuses into the rest of the family.


Mental Health


The most significant benefits of martial arts training are those found within. Students become the best version of themselves with higher levels of focus, memory, mental toughness, patience, happiness, and respect for themselves and others.

Students also enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that come from developing both mental and physical skills to use in a violent encounter.

Physical Health


Training in martial arts makes every day activities easier to perform and with less fatigue. It also provides simple techniques and their application to survive intense combat situations. 

Training at The ROCK increases flexibility, fat loss, coordination, balance, cardiovascular strength, endurance, explosiveness, upper and lower body strength, and much more! 



Training at The ROCK goes far BEYOND the color of the belt you wear.

We strive for "BLACK BELT excellencein every aspect of life. Students become outstanding individuals at home, work, and school.


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Martial Arts Programs

Ages 3 & 4 | Develop mental and physical focus while learning to respect themselves and others.

Ages 5 & 6 | Learn life skills and martial arts techniques through fun game based learning.

Ages 7 - 12 | Gain a foundation of strength and confidence to carry them beyond their dreams.

Ages 13+ | Become empowered with effective self defense, stress relief, and dynamic workouts.

Ages 7+ | Train for local competitions, the Olympics, or just for fun!


Ages 6-12 | Youth self defense seminar. From playground bullies to violent predators.

Ages 13+ | Adult self defense seminar. Practice violent and non-violent conflict resolution.

We plan, host, entertain, and clean up a dynamic and exciting martial arts themed birthday party.